Mr. Willers the Clown

The big fuzzy beast loves playing in the hose and then laying in the holes he digs and that's why he's a mess in the pictures.  A few updates on him are in order.  Willers is approaching his 3rd birthday and thus far he has had some joint issues, mostly due to him being a big, clumsy, crazy clown of a dog.  At some point last November he did something to his knee and hasn't been able to walk without a limp since yet still manages run around like a total nut.  We took him to the vet and he gave us some anti-inflammatory pills which worked for a while.  Our vet feared Willers may have a ligament issue that would require surgery if MRI results came back positive for what he thought may have occurred.  Since the pills worked though for a while he was fine and it seemed that what he did to his knee may not require surgery but we'll have to check with the vet again soon.  We believe he got this injury from jumping off one of the beds.  He also has an ongoing issue where he will land badly on his right front paw and the wrist will suffer the consequences but he usually recovers from that after a day or even just a few minutes depending.  He's a tall, gangly dog and that gets him into some pickles.  Anywhoo, aside from those two issues he's been doing well, quite well actually.  A couple months ago he pilfered a frozen raw turkey off the counter top, unwrapped it, ate it and left a small piece which we assume he left for the rest of us lol.  He's also pilfered pork chops and other raw meats from the counter tops.  We have to hide thawing meat in the oven or microwave these days.  What amazes us is that he can unwrap things very well.  Back in September he pilfered caramel apple lollipops one night and managed to unwrap them and the very bizarre thing was that he put the wrappers in one pile and the sticks in another and left 3 for the rest of us.  We don't have kids or anything and there were bits of lollipop everywhere so we know the dog did it.  Humans have a difficult time opening these things but that dog opened them perfectly.  He's a very smart dog and he uses those smarts for his evil plans to take over the world of food.  We love him though, the crazy oaf.  Life is more interesting when you have a crazy dog.

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