Chlorine Dioxide, Kerri Rivera, and Why Kerri is Evil Scum

I must note this article will be brief and it will contain obscenities.

This past year it came to my attention that quacks and sociopaths looking to make money are peddling dangerous and lethal autism "treatments" and "cures" online.  There is an evil sociopathic woman named Kerri Rivera behind a very damaging movement that involves giving autistic children multiple chlorine dioxide enemas a day.  In some cases the scary bitch recommends feeding the children chlorine dioxide. 

For those that don't know, chlorine dioxide is a gas and is used as a bleaching agent.  It is used primarily in the paper making process (to make paper white) and in water treatment as an antimicrobial (by the time it makes it to the tap it is so diluted it isn't likely to cause any bodily harm).  When mixed with water chlorine dioxide forms chlorite ions.  In drinking water the max allowed chlorine dioxide levels are 0.8 milligrams per liter, the max for chlorite ion is 1.0 mg/L.  Larger concentrations of chlorine dioxide and chlorite can cause inflammatory responses and they are gastric irritants.  The body removes chlorine dioxide and chlorite through the kidneys.  Animal studies have shown that high concentrations of chlorine dioxide can cause brain development hindrances during the fetal and postnatal phases.  In humans chlorine dioxide inhalation has been shown to reduce the blood's ability to carry oxygen throughout the body and, if more is inhaled, it can lead to pulmonary edema (the lungs filling with fluid and thus drowning the individual).  Skin contact can cause chemical burns and rash.

While many backward fools support the chlorine dioxide treatment regimen as a cure for autism (there are no cures for autism), it is not a cure nor is it a proper treatment.  By administering the chlorine dioxide (often referred to as MMS aka miracle mineral solution) by way of enema, the intestinal linings of the autistic individual are "melted" off and excreted through the anus.  Kerri Rivera, a horrible sadistic bitch that i wouldn't mind seeing strung up and gutted (i don't care who reads that, she's a horrible human being that shouldn't be allowed to continue to exist), tells these foolish, easily brainwashed, easily led parents that the intestinal linings are "rope worms".  The evil sadistic bitch refers to autism as a parasitic infection.  There are no such thing as rope worms and anyone with the most basic understanding of parasite anatomy can clearly tell that the intestinal linings are NOT worms at all.  The parents, when first noticing the shedding of these mucosal linings, will often send them for parasite testing.  The tests come back negative for parasites.  Kerri Rivera then tells these deluded saps that the scientists/doctors were lying and that big pharma is covering up that autism is caused by parasites.  This is how she sells her product and this is how the sociopathic bitch is making her millions.  Meanwhile, while this twisted scum bitch is peddling her products, children (mostly in the US but this is catching on in other countries too) are suffering at the hands of their own parents.  By giving chlorine dioxide enemas to the children and continuously damaging the intestinal linings, it causes chronic inflammation which sets the child up for colon and rectal cancer later in life.

Knowing she can profit off the stupidity and conspiracy cultism, Kerri Rivera also peddles CD for the treatment of other ailments such as cancer.  She has a book out about how to cure autism using this method and she has a facebook group where she tells parents not to use their real names and not to tell people they're using the protocol.  Child protective services have been called on some parents and some cases are ongoing.  If you know anyone doing this to their child, please call your local CPS and turn in the parents.  You may be wondering why the bitch Kerri is still free.  She hides in Mexico and, scary as it sounds, there is a cult that is connected to this ridiculous protocol so that it can fall under religious protections in some areas just like faith healing falls under the same bullshit religious protections.  I invite you to please join the facebook groups listed at the bottom of the article.  Bitch Kerri has to come out of hiding eventually and when she does we need to make sure she gets put in prison or mysteriously disappears (whichever comes first). 

Do note that the opinions (that the bitch should be eliminated) in this article are my own and do not reflect the views of the facebook groups (they just want her imprisoned).  I do not run any of the facebook groups and do not want them to receive any bad press or bullshit for anything i might say.  They're doing good things and exist to save children from the wrath of incredibly stupid parents.




Lastly, stay away from Generation Rescue, they support the idiocy of the anti-vax and anti-autism movements.

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