How You Can Help Fiddler Crabs

Over the years since i acquired my first fiddler crab i have learned quite a bit and written about what i've learned here.  This blog refers to the fiddlers a lot even though it is a blog i started for basically whatever random things i could come up with.  Anywhoo, on this journey of raising fiddlers and writing about them i have learned that resources about their behavior in captivity are hard to come by.  Really, information on fiddlers at all is kind of hard to come by.  There are basic pages describing tank set up but nothing really digs into the life of the fiddler crab and what all it will need aside from its tank set up.  This is an area all you fiddler caretakers can help with.  If you have fiddler crabs, write about them on the internet.  Start blogs or just put in forum entries about them on aquarium forum websites.  The more accurate resources people have on these creatures the better off the fiddlers will be.  We can teach people with our experiences and observations.  Others can learn from our mistakes and our triumphs.

These little creatures are sold off as cheap throwaway pets, which is ethically deplorable, but if we band together and show that they are just as valuable as any other marine animal then we will be helping them.  Write about their behavior, their needs, what foods they like, how you interact with them, how you maintain their aquarium, what diseases they may be experiencing and what you did to remedy those diseases if you found anything that actually worked on them.  All of that is necessary information.

A huge issue exists regarding a total lack of information about diseases that fiddler crabs get in captivity.  There are a host of parasites, fungi, bacterial and viral infections that fiddlers can likely get but little is written about these diseases and even less is available on the internet.  The information i've found deals with other larger species of crab, it seems likely fiddlers can get the same or similar diseases, but i'd like to be 100% sure just what diseases the fiddlers can get.  So if you have a knowledge of fiddler diseases, by all means post your information on the internet.
Even if you don't know what disease your crab has, post pictures if it has physical symptoms, if it dies, this will sound morbid, but do a little inspection to see if there are visible parasites, deformities, or fungi.  If you happen to have a microscope, even a junior microscope that kids can get at wal-mart, put the organs and body parts under it and observe them, write down what you find.  Sometimes we have to do our own science so we can become better at what we do.

We have these creatures usually because we love them.  If we want to give them what's best, we need to fully understand them and that can only happen through sharing information and resources.  So if you have fiddlers, write about them every chance you get, document their behaviors that seem out of the ordinary, note any physical anomalies.  This is how we all learn and how we help our crabby little friends, through experience, through discussion, through observation, and through sharing.

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